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Leather Bags 

Our collection of leather bags has been designed by leather lovers who know and understand how this stunning natural material ages and patinas over time. We enjoy working with leather because it not only looks beautiful in a range of tones and textures, but also because it ages with regular and daily use to develop its own unique little story. When you choose from our range of leather bags designed and dreamed up locally in our studios in Sydney, Australia, you also have the option of monogramming your piece. Adding your initials, or the initials of a special someone if you’re gifting this piece, creates an intimate and deeply personal connection. When your leather bag bears your name, it belongs to you in an entirely different way. Our leather bags are designed with this in mind. We want you to feel connected to your piece from The Horse.

Among our leather bag collection you will find a range of custom pieces designed for everyone’s everyday use. Our Utility range has been designed to provide space for every women’s daily essentials and includes a saddle design with two outer pockets for easy and effortless access to keys, your phone or wallet, and anything else you need to get to in a hurry. There’s nothing worse than searching the capacious body of a leather bag for something specific and your fingers finding everything but. With this bag that entirely is possible because we have chosen to use an accordion structure that will expand to fit everything. Use it as a nappy bag, and office tote or work bag, and a casual shoulder bag. It is the leather bag designed for going everywhere.

We also offer a range of vintage inspired and practical backpacks in genuine leather tones ranging from on trend pebbled black Italian leather, gentle camel suede, delicate blush pink, vibrant red, and the classic soft and supple tan. Your backpack from The Horse is designed to be both comfortable and practical, large enough to carry your laptop with internal compartments for easy organising. With adjustable shoulder straps and top handles for quick pickups, this is the daypack that effortlessly replaces a messenger bag for size and easier toting on the shoulders. There is a zippered compartment in the front for quick access to what you need and secure zippered pocket at the back for keeping things like keys safe from misplacing. It is also able to slip from casual day use to night use and dress. Just like everything we design, the backpack from The Horse is multi-purpose, practical and reliable.

Our Supply backpack range in black or tan matte leather textures offers a slimmer silhouette in an elegant cut. At home on the streets of any metropolitan city, along wandering country lanes and everywhere in between, this small leather bag collection marries minimalism and style to produce a look that outlasts trends to remain always classic and in style. It features a magdot closure, an internal zippered compartment and gold-tone metal hardware which includes four feet.

The crossbody bag has become the chosen go-to design for women who need enough space to carry the daily essentials with them but don’t enjoy being weighed down by a conventional handbag. The perfect companion for shopping trips or wandering foreign cities, our travel light designs can be easily paired with a carefree and boho and hobo inspired look, or just as easily a dramatic evening attitude. Keep your valuables safe and close to hand with a secure shoulder bag which crosses the torso and sits within easy reach on your hip. Available in bold and vintage red, pink blush, classic and stylish black, natural brown tan and camel suede, you can choose from single or dual pocket crossbody designs which offer just a little more versatility and capacity. Our double-zip designs include a custom make pocket for carrying cards, cash and your phone securely and helps to offer just that little more flexibility than the single-zip designs. The dual pocket collection also includes exclusive panels in stunning python for little extra kick in your day wear or to accentuate the drama of any night event.

Our range overnight duffle leather bags are the perfect all-use weekender and feature a strong and durable construction of military grade canvas reinforced with leather strapping and base. The perfect gift for both men and women, they offer a capacious inner compartment big enough for a short trip away and small enough to stow in the overhead luggage of plane. Designed for simplicity and practicality, they carry and old-world charm in no-nonsense coated canvas that has been specifically chosen to offer years of regular reliable use.

How to clean leather bag?

Cleaning and caring for your leather is fortunately quick and easy and a regular conditioning of your leather bags will ensure that the texture remains soft and supple, wearing gently and evenly over time to develop its own bespoke patina. Leather products should never be excessively wet but accidents do happen. If you’ve had a spillage in or over your leather bag, if you’ve been caught in a rainstorm without a storm stick or if you’ve somehow managed to suffer a leather injustice, fear not. The first thing that you should do is to gently wipe away the excess water. Try to use an uncoloured and absorbent material that will gently lift the water without leaving a mark of its own. Leather should also not be rubbed dry.

Once the excess water has been cleared, allow your leather bag to dry naturally. It is very important that you don’t employ any heated air tools. To help your leather bag to retain its shape, stuff the inside with paper but choose, if you can, paper free of inks as they may run and stain the inner lining of your bag. Once the bag is almost dry, using a specific leather conditioner, apply it to the leather outer. Leather conditioners are made with a gentle blend of chemicals which will help to restore the leather’s natural oils that the water may have stripped away. Using a specific leather conditioner will ensure that the leather returns to its former, lustrous self. A regular condition every now and then, or when you feel the leather is dry and coarse, will help to lengthen the life of your leather bag and for it to develop that gorgeous aged look and feel.

Not only does leather offer you the lovely look and feel of aged and patinaed textures, it also offers you the ability to have it monogrammed. Monogramming your leather is a great way to help you to develop a strong and intense connection and to love it even more. When you choose any of out leather products from The Horse, including our leather watch straps, you can choose to personalise your purchase by monogramming up to three initials directly into the leather. Available in your choice of gold, copper, silver or blind deboss, monogramming will elevate your leather bag, wallet, watch, card holder and is the perfect personal addition for a gift.