Leather Backpacks

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Leather Backpacks 

Our collection of leather backpacks perfectly embodies the philosophy behind every design and creation from The Horse. When we established The Horse in 2009, we knew leather. We had worked with it and loved it for years, and we wanted to develop our own practical and useful creations, and then share them with the world. We wanted to make individual pieces which were powerful enough to hold their own but also versatile enough to become a part of someone else’s story. This is why we enjoy working with minimalist designs to build beautiful pieces which remain practical but timeless in style. Dreamt up in our studios in Sydney, Australia, every leather bag we create is a celebration of the genuine leather we choose to work with. By showcasing the quality of the materials in each of our designs, we limit the details and distractions and create pieces that will always remain on trend and in fashion.


Are leather backpacks in style?


Leather backpacks are a classic staple for everyone. They are designed first for practicality and then honed to perfection with each creation. Our collection is wrought from vintage inspired silhouettes that always remain classic and the tones we use are the perfect colours for showing off what leather can really look like, feel like and gently patina into. When we create a piece, we create it for the long-term. It’s not about subscribing to the fashionable trends of the right here and now, it’s about designing for regular and reliable use, planning for each piece’s age and how it will continue to evolve and develop over time.


We offer three collections of leather backpack for you to choose from. The first is the classic go-anywhere style available in black, natural tan or brown, camel suede, and blush pink. This design features a large front pocket secured with a zip and perfect for stowing easy access necessities like your wallet and anything else that you may need unhindered access to. The main compartment is large enough to fit a small laptop, tablets, and other general tech necessities. An additional inner compartment helps to keep you organised because there’s probably nothing more frustrating that searching through a large pocket bag for something you need urgently. Somehow, in only those moments, the universe conspires to deliver everything but exactly what you need to probing, frantic fingers in search of something like your house keys while it’s pouring rain. To help avoid that fate, we also include a zippered pocket at the back of the leather backpack and this is probably the perfect place for your house and car keys.


In our second collection of leather backpacks is the Daypack. This has been designed to offer you the most amount of flexibility with a versatile size and style that pairs beautifully with casual and dressy wardrobes. Constructed from butter-soft Italian leather, it is the ideal design for work or play. As a work bag, it is large enough to carry tech and paperwork together, though small enough that it doesn’t become too full and heavy to comfortably carry. With a raw interior which celebrates the premium Italian materials, our Daypack is perfect for both men’s and women’s needs.


Finally, our Supply backpack is just as practical as the Daypack but has a slimmer size and stiffer profile. Where the Daypack is a little more malleable, the Supply leather backpack with this equestrian look and feel, offers a stricter silhouette and a more composed shape. It is secured with a magdot closure at the front and contains a zippered pocket at the back to help with organising what you need to get your hands on quickly. Equally at home in a sprawling cityscape or out in the hills of big country skies and small, boutique artisans, the Supply backpack has an understated and restrained elegance that will suit suits and dresses alike.


Beyond our collection of leather backpacks is a range of small and large leather bags in every shape and size you need. Our crossbody bag is an on-trend piece offering mini bulk but lots of capacity. Available in both single and double-zippered pockets, our crossbody collection includes a range of tones from rich reds to natural tones, dazzling cobalt blue and limited edition python panels for a little extra drama where you need it.


The Horse duffle bag is constructed from thick military grade coated canvas and offers versality as a weekender just big enough for what you need and the right size for stowing overhead on an aeroplane. Available in tan and black, the canvas is reinforced with leather strapping and underside to ensure a long life or regular and reliable use.


As with all of our leather products, including our leather watch straps, we offer you the option to monogram your piece The Horse when you purchase online directly from our store. Monogramming really elevates any individual piece but especially a piece like your leather backpack. When you monogram something, you mark it indelibly with your initials and make it your own in a way that nothing else can. If you are shopping for someone else, then choosing to monogram your gift with their initials will deepen the intimacy and importance of your gift.


Caring for your leather backpack is very important. The long life and lustre of any leather piece must be cared for over the course of its lifetime otherwise you will lose the soft texture and it may not age evenly or attractively. We choose to use leather because of its ability to gently patina over time and to develop its own unique character full of the story of where it has been and with whom. Using a leather conditioner regularly on your leather backpack will prolong its supple texture and help it to age gently and beautifully. Should your backpack ever get caught in the rain, you should sponge off the excess water with an uncoloured cloth and then stuff the bag with paper while it dries. Try not to use heavily inked paper which might run and stain in the interior lining of the backpack if it has one. Just before the leather backpack is completely dry, apply your leather conditioner so the leather can absorb the important combination of oils in the condition. Leather contains these oils naturally, but excess water has strip them away making the texture feel like and drier than it should.


As with everything we create at The Horse, our hope is that you will love and cherish your piece of our collection for years to come. When we design our vintage inspired pieces, this is as much for the quality of care previous generations have given their personal belonging as for the classic styling and design. Old-world charm is charming because it has been loved and treasured over years and years of regular and practical use. Each piece from The Horse is inspired by this and we make our leather backpacks, wallets, totes, watches, card holder, laptop sleeves – everything – with this in mind.