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Women's Watches 

Our range of women’s watches have been tailored to complement every wearer, wherever and whenever she is in her life, and at every moment of it. The Horse was established in Australia in 2009 by boutique leather designers who were searching for a way to celebrate the minimalist sophistication that only unembellished natural quality could convey. Inspired by the eye catching form and fit of a simple leather shoe, we sought to recreate not just the effortless elegance of natural leather, but to combine it with the intricate precision of a time teller and so create an intimate piece of wearable function that would continue to grow and evolve over time. The Horse watches for women therefore create and recreate themselves from moment to moment.

Our range of women’s watches demonstrate this combination of form and function, and of timeless style. We knew that using natural leather bands would allow our designs to develop and grow with every individual wearer, forming a bond between watch and watch wearer that moved beyond the simple function of a timepiece because that is what a wrist watch is really supposed to do. When she wears a watch on her wrist, she not only using it to remind her of the time.

She doesn’t only wear her time teller because it is an accurate measurement of how she compartmentalises her movements during the day and the night. She has a whole host of other technologies available to her that offer her that function. But how many personal possessions does she have that connect her moment, her life, directly to the present while exhibiting the moments and movements of her past? How many other possessions illustrate her personal style so eloquently than the watch she’s wearing?

Our leather watch bands are sourced from both cow leather and vegetable leather materials which patina delicately and unmistakably with age and wear. Carrying the knocks and marks of both moments and events in the wearer’s life, our women’s watches illustrate the passage of time as well tell it precisely and reliably.

Her watch is as much a part of her as her handbag, her clutch, her wallet. These tiny details in a woman’s personal style speak as much about how she wants the world to see her as it does about how she sees herself. With this in mind, our collection is not subject to trendy peaks in designer wear but instead speaks to the timelessness of vintage design which moves through what is cool right now to sit above, to be classic and forever.

What kind of watch goes with everything?

The beauty of The Horse and our watches for women is that we answer this question with every piece we design and create. Whether you prefer rose gold, gold or silver women’s watches, and whether you prefer a black dial to a white watch dial, a small dial to a big dial, resin finishes or a chronograph watch, we have a ladies piece designed for a every wearer in mind.

Our watch bands are available in a range of natural leather hues including navy blue, which complements every skin tone, classic black and soft browns and whites. A natural brown watch strap paired with a light dial and understated indices is ideal for women who enjoy wearing combinations of earthy hues in reds, greens, ochre and orange. These warm colours are perfect in every season and ideal to dress up for formal occasions or dress down for casual ones. Precisely styled and manufactured, the raw beauty of the impeccable finishes on our women’s watches means that our range of watches for women make for small, subtle statement pieces all on their own.

For a bolder and more dramatic time teller, we have our range of dark faced dials. Paired with a striking black strap and either a simple frame or a resin finish, our selection of dark faced women’s watches will sing out against any skin tone. Complemented with strong, vibrant colours like crimson, eggshell blue and brilliant white, our dark faced watches for women can hold their own alongside the biggest personal styles. Soft greys in our women’s watches ranges traverse both casual and formal occasions effortlessly. Understated and neutral, grey offers every woman a blank canvas to create upon.

How do I choose the right watch?

The right watch is the one that is most comfortable to wear. The right watch has a snug, but not too tight watch strap. It isn’t so loose that it travels freely along your wrist, either. You use your hands every day so your watch can’t interfere with your own functionality otherwise it’s cumbersome and likely to get damaged in normal day-to-day activities. Your watch is the part of you that you feel naked without. When you’re not wearing the right watch, you feel like something is missing and your hand will constantly travel to your wrist, wondering what should be there.

There is a lot of advice about which size of dial are ideal to buy for women but, ultimately, it will depend on what is most comfortable for you. Whether you have a thick wrist or a petite one doesn’t really matter. The size of the face is the size that you want it to be. Large dials on a petite wrist may interfere with the flexibility and movement on your hand but if you prefer the look of a large dial and you have a petite wrist then simply move your watch further up than it would traditionally sit. It is, after all, your watch and your time. Choose amongst sizes which dictate comfort and your own personal aesthetic, not what ‘should’ be the right look for you. Our range of women’s watches are not just designed for this wrist or that in response to whatever ebb and flow is dictating world fashion trends at the moment. Our watches are timeless designs created for everyone.

You can buy watches online directly through The Horse online store or at a quality watch shop from our list of stockists. All of our designs that you see online are available for sale and they all include quartz movements for precision and reliable time keeping. Our affordable range comes to you in a bespoke box marking the event of your purchase appropriately because watches are a deeply intimate and personal object. That’s why they make for the perfect gift.

Traditionally, a watch is given to someone at an important moment in their life. Often it’s used as a simple illustration of the time they have served somewhere, how they will manage their time from that moment on, or as an intimate gift between people to signify the importance of their relationship.

Your watch from The Horse is not 100% waterproof so should not be worn during vigorous outdoor activities involving a lot of water. The dial is water resistant, however, the natural materials in the watch band can be affected by prolonged water exposure. Should the leather get wet, sponge and dab the strap dry, never rub. Ensuring that your leather strap is regularly oiled and cared for will ensure the long life of your new watch from The Horse.