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Watch Bands


Our design collection from The Horse has been inspired by the beauty and simplicity of high quality materials presented with an impeccable finish on each necessary detail. Our watch bands are sourced from both cow and vegetable leather, designed to wear gently over time with regular use. Your watch from The Horse has been carefully designed and crafted, every detail meticulously chosen to provide you with a unique time teller that ages and patinas with regular wear, becoming truly yours. The story of why we have chosen leather for our watch bands is as intimate as each piece that we create. We knew and understood leather when we designed our first watch. It has always been our first love.

When we established The Horse in 2009, we were looking for a casual watch that could stand up to dress occasions and combine the practicality of the boyfriend style watch dial with a supple leather watch band. We couldn’t find one. After looking for a while and finding nothing that quite fit what we were looking for, we expanded our brief and embraced our own love and knowledge of leather craft.

We decided to design our own, ideal time teller with the perfect watch strap. We started looking for a design which celebrated the mastery of simple hand made craft, high quality finish and sophisticated style in a timeless piece which could effortlessly incorporate minimalist, modern lines with old-world class. We were looking to create a time teller that would always remain on trend, no matter what high fashion was experimenting with.

Our collection is the culmination of all of our ideas, our love for high quality materials and our belief that truly timeless design is marked not by heavy detailing, but by simplicity, practicality and precision finishes like our simple, signature watch bands available in a range of natural earthy tones, clean ivory and greys, as well as bold, dramatic hues. By removing what we believed to be unnecessary detailing, we developed an exquisite collection of watches and leather goods which are versatile, practical and affordable staples on every men’s and women’s accessory list.

When we chose to use leather for our watch belts, we wanted a material which could be gently worn in by the wearer. We wanted a material which would age and patina over time and regular use, to be deliberately capable of carrying the marks and experiences of life on your wrist. The idea was to develop a time teller that not only looked great, but that carried your story with it. The watch, and particularly your watch band, is an intimate part of your daily life. It sits in plain view not only by other people, but by you. You have to love your watch band as much as you love the watch face. Which is why we chose leather in the first place.

Caring for your leather watch band is similar to caring for any other kind of leather. It should not be submerged in water because while our watches are water resistant, they are not waterproof. If the leather becomes wet, then it best to dab it gently dry with an uncoloured cloth to remove the excess moisture and then allow the watch band to dry. Using a leather conditioner will help to keep the watch band supple and extend its life. As it wears over time, it may stretch and require you to adjust the length for a firmer fit. This is all part of the story that leather offers the wearer. If, however, you require a replacement strap then we have a range of interchangeable watch bands to choose from.

Are all watch bands interchangeable?

Our collection is meticulously crafted in our studios in Sydney and, as designers, we know each and every piece of our range intimately. We have created a range of watch bands that can be easily swapped out, replacing your existing band with the use of a simple pinch pin. This pinch pin allows for the quick and easy replacement of a damaged band but that may not be the only reason why you’re looking for a new watch band. Why not refresh your time teller? Swapping out the watch band could offer you a simple and perfect way to lift your existing watch and make your piece from The Horse exciting again.

Leather offers the user a long life and therefore is the best value watch band for regular watch wearers but there is something else that only leather can really offer a watch wearer – something really special.

Having a piece monogrammed is to have your initials stamped directly into the leather texture. If you’re looking for a little extra something for your watch band, your wallet or leather bag from our broader leather collection, then why not consider having your piece from The Horse monogrammed? Monogramming also makes for the perfect gift idea. It is to make your gift truly belong to someone special when their own personal name has been stamped into the leather.

Our entire collection, including our larger range of leather goods, are available for purchase directly online. You can order your monogramming at the time of purchase, also. Alternatively, we have a long list of local stockists – and that list is always growing – so if you would prefer to see a piece in the flesh before your purchase, choose a local stockist near you.