Leather Card Holders




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Leather Card Holders 

The leather card holder is a simple and stylish addition to anyone’s daily essentials list. It can be slipped into a handbag, your pocket, helps to tidy regularly used cards and provides a quick access space for them. We all live in an increasingly cashless society which relies on your personal cards more than ever. A leather card holder is perfect for anyone who enjoys travelling lightly or needs regular and easy access to card slots for essentials like your credit card and access cards, ID, security passes for business offices and buildings, and public transport tap on and off cards. Like our entire collection, our leather card holders have been designed to celebrate the simplicity of high quality genuine leather styling and inspired by vintage tones and timeless lines.

Traditionally favoured by men’s taste for simplistic styling, the leather card wallet has been designed in the past to accentuate bare and masculine lines. Designing at our studios in Sydney, Australia, we enjoy minimalism and our range of card sleeve wallet designs embrace this nude and unadorned philosophy while simultaneously exploring all the potentials for this simple design and incorporating a range of tones and textures to suit both women’s and men’s aesthetics. The result is the development of a collection of unisex leather wallets and travel card holders which include natural tones in tan and brown, classic black, navy blue, vibrant red, vegetable tan leather and python textures.

Our card case wallet collection sits inside a larger range of leather wallets and purses which have all been inspired by showcasing sophisticated lines, gentle detail and practical needs. A leather card holder will make for the perfect gift when teamed with a slimline folder wallet for carrying notes in the same or different tone. Have your gift personalised with monograming the name or initials of the intended recipient directly into the leather and enjoy a truly intimate expression of your appreciation of a special someone that you want to celebrate.

We choose to work with genuine leather products like our leather card holders because we know and understand the limitless potential that a leather coin card case, wallet, ladies handbag, messenger or laptop bag can really offer. Leather is the perfect material for building an intimate relationship with because its patinas develop gently over time and carry within its unique textures the experiences and stories of the places that it has been and the use to which it has been put. Leather thrives with regular use and care and there’s nothing like the custom additional of a personal monogram to really deepen the connection between yourself and your special belongings.

Caring for your leather is very important. As a material, it is natural and durable, but its durability relies on its ability to retain special oils within its texture. Excess water like being caught in a thunderstorm or a spilled bottle over your leather card holders can strip away these important oils. It is important never to try and dry your leather products and always allow them to dry naturally. Wipe away the excess water with a colourless cloth and then pack your bag with paper to ensure it retains its shape. Try not to use any paper that has excessive inking as this may run and stain the interior. Regular conditioning with a special leather conditioner will help the texture to remain soft and supple, aging gracefully over its years of use.