Giving Back

Giving Back

Love Mercy Partnership

The Horse is proud of our eleven year partnership with Love Mercy Foundation.

Love Mercy exists to empower communities in Northern Uganda to overcome poverty caused by the horrors of war. Tens of thousands of women in Northern Uganda have been empowered to literally dig their families out of poverty and create their own livelihood and sustainable future through the Cents for Seeds program. 

Through empowerment, education, and sheer hard work from the farmers in the program, there are many thousands of real-life stories of transformation and hope in Uganda.

"Since I began in Cents for Seeds I have harvested well. The seeds are strong and the land I plant on is very fertile. I have been able to harvest 2 sacks each year (2 sacks is 200kg). I have purchased 3 goats for the land and I have saved some of my income for emergency. I am paying school fees for my remaining young children. This project is helping me in many areas of my life. One day, with the harvest money I save, I hope to build a permanent home for my family.” - Akite Rose, 57

Celebrating over 10 Years of Impact, we have played a part in:

- 17,800 Seed Loans to be Distributed in 2020

- 32,152 Patients Treated at Kristina Health Centre 

- 195 Wells Repaired

- 663 Babies Safely Delivered

Participants in the initiative receive two seed loans and a gardening tool. Seeds are distributed twice a year to take advantage of the rainy season and ensure against crop failure. Groups work together with support from agriculturalists. Each woman harvests potentially 5 times the amount of seeds given, and returns the loan to Love Mercy. 

Women are left to sell, store or barter the remainder and use her harvest to feed her family. Her returned loan is then passed on again the following season, meaning one single donation is reused over and over again. Graduates are spiritual, social, financially savvy women with a high level of self respect.

Thankful for the part we get to play. 

Scott, Amy and The Horse co.