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Men's Watches

Our range of men’s watches effortlessly balance bold and understated to deliver a timeless leather design wearable by any man, wherever he is in his journey right at this moment. When we established The Horse in 2009, we wanted to create a harmonious balance between bold natural materials and elegant design. We wanted to create a range of wearable moments that would age with him, tell his story, from moment to moment. That’s why we chose to create a time teller that did more than just conform to current trends for men’s fashion.

Watches for men often try to deliver a sense of power, of dominance and strength. They’re often oversized and industrial looking, hoping to generate attraction by sheer force of chunky will. They’re also marketed in the same way. They want the wearer to feel the moment they’re trying to create; they want the moment to therefore make the man. We think differently. We believe that the man is the moment, in every moment. His personal style, his comfort and his time is what we design in our watches for men. When you wear a watch from The Horse collection, we want it to feel like a natural part of your wrist. You should feel naked when it’s not there. Your hands should travel the bare space. Your watch should also be a natural fit not just with your wrist, but with who you are and how you see yourself. The lens through which we see ourselves in a dynamic, ever-changing one but your watch should be a natural part of who you are inside, more complex than the mechanism that powers it and as spectacular as the very thing it tries to keep, time itself.

The irresistible lull of vintage design is rarely because of the moment or feeling that that design was capturing when it was created. The feeling of vintage is of romance, of golden ages and ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ sentiment. It is elegance and classic style that separates the old from the new, makes the aged and patinaed always more attractive, more compelling, than the shiny and the young. The Horse collection of watches for men have been designed with this idea in mind. We have not sought to develop a look or feel that just fits today, but instead have chosen to design men’s watches and ladies watches that transcend today and outlast the seasonal ebb and flow of cool. His watch from The Horse will develop with him. It will mould to his wrist, show the marks and the time of his time on its leather strap. It sits with him and of him, not on him.

Our minimalist design highlights the luxury of the natural materials we use and exhibits them as the raw and perfect pieces that they are. Quality is its own embellishment which is why our men’s watches and unisex range are so striking. Neither he or she needs embellishment, but everyone can appreciate styles and designs which speak quietly, offering room for the watch wearer to be bold instead. So, be bold. Choose from our range of men’s watches for the design that speaks the loudest to you personally whether you’re buying for yourself or you’re buying for him.

Watches for men have traditionally been gifted to people at important, pivotal moments that mark a special moment in a person’s lifetime. Sometimes they’re given to a young man on reaching adulthood, telling him that his time is his own now. His life is what he chooses to make it and there, upon his wrist, lies a reminder of how far he has already come, and how far he has to travel. Men’s watches are also a great gift idea for graduations and other important personal achievements. The most important moments in our lives are achieved not by luck or ease, but by personal sacrifice, struggle and the making of our character while we endured, bested and accomplished ourselves throughout those moments. Show him what he has achieved with a piece of the men’s watches range from The Horse.

If you are looking for a special gift for that special moment, you can choose from amongst our range online and buy watches online directly from our watch shop online or select a stockist from our local list to inspect our range of men’s watches in person. Our affordable collection is available in gold, silver, rose gold and a range of watch bands including black watches for men. Each watch is carefully packaged within a bespoke box marking the event of your watch purchase and so make for poignant, worthy gifts for special moments.

When choosing from our range of men’s watches, there are a few design features throughout our range that lend themselves perfectly to men at all ages and life stages. Black big face dials can make for strong statement pieces, standing out against any skin tone. Simple finishes in silver, gold and rose gold are striking and stylish, lending themselves perfectly against the crispness of dress shirts and other formal attire, but they’re not exclusively for white-collar wearers and are as just at home on a casual wrist. None of our designs are made exclusively for anyone or any outfit; they are created to sit with the wearer and not what they’re wearing.

Our wrist watch range also includes multifunction chronograph watches which offer the wearer additional features like a stop watch. The face of this range of men’s watches are a little more detailed providing soft but precise indices over the face and are available in croc leather straps for a subtle, textured look. Resin finishes are also available lifting the watch dial frame with two tone timeless tortoise shell textures without overpowering the simplicity of the overall design. This range can be paired with white watch bands, black and natural tans, as well blue, blush and olive leathers.

All watches from The Horse are powered by a quartz movement which runs on a battery and provides excellent, precise time keeping. Automatic watches have an unreliable movement which can be affected by changes in temperature and the weather, so a quartz movement is the most reliable mechanism to choose in a watch. You can look forward to many years of reliable service from a quartz driven mechanism.

Established in Australia, we are continuing to explore our designs and are constantly updating our stockists, including our list of overseas stockists who have The Horse for sale or will do in the near future.

Caring for your watch is very important. As we use natural fibres including cow leather and vegetable leather, these materials can be affected by heavy submersion in water. The dial of your watch will be water resistant, however, should you watch become wet then we recommend that you dab the band dry and try not to rub it dry. Gently sponge off the water and allow to dry natural. Regularly oiling your leather with a leather protector will also extend the life of the wrist band, ensuring that it remains nice and supple.