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We create classic, go-to pieces designed to outlast the seasons. 


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Your watch is more than just a simple timepiece. Since the 15th century, watches have been designed not merely for the purpose of keeping track of the day and where you are in it, but as a statement piece showing the world how you see yourself and offering visual cues for others to also see you in this way. Beneath the surface of a watch are some of the most intricate pieces of machinery marking the almost unfathomable movements of a burning sun pushed and pulled by the tides of the cosmos. And, in the same way, there is a lot more than merely meets the eye beneath the surface of every watch’s wearer so when you buy a watch, you want it to say more than meets the eye.

Traditional watchmakers have known for centuries that captured within the delicate mechanisms of their time tellers was a power and majesty that the human mind can but merely speculate upon, and that the human body must always, inevitably, move in synchronistic rhythm. The design and artistry of each of their watches was meant to speak to this power, and convey it as mutely, but as powerfully, as the very essence beneath the dial conveys itself. People did not just buy a watch, they commissioned them like artworks.

Your watch wears with the time it tells. It sits on a pulse point in the body that is always visible to you. It is traditionally gifted to young adults stepping out into the world and marking the moment when their time becomes their own, when they come into their own. No, a watch is not just a timepiece.

Each of our watch designs are carefully crafted at our Sydney studios with this knowledge and understanding in mind. We know that every watch and every wearer of a watch is different, so our designs include minimalist detailing and leather watch bands designed to wear individually with each wrist. They age elegantly with you, marking the moments of your life in which it shares, helping to tell your story or remind you of moments you might have forgotten.

Our collection of men’s watches and women’s watches are available with cow leather and vegetable leather watch straps. We choose these materials because while they’re strong and durable, they are also pliant and capture wear with an evolving patina that you, the wearer, generate day to day. When you wear a wrist watch designed by The Horse, it becomes a part of you. Which is why it’s so important to select the perfect watch.

Why wearing a watch is important?

Time may be a human construct, allowing us to divide the daylight and the moonlight into productive slices, but it is also the very heartbeat of the universe. Space cannot exist without time. Every present has a past, and every past has a future. Time waits for no one. While time tells the story of the universe, it is, at the very same time, whatever and however you choose to make it. So, why wear a watch? Why buy a watch?

Your smartphone carefully holds your own personal universe and lives snugly in your pocket, in your handbag, your backpack, on your car’s dashboard, in your hand. But does it live comfortably in any of those places?

It keeps you connected to the world wherever you are. But does it keep you connected with yourself? It is not just a portal you pass through every time you look at it? Don’t you look past it? Your smartphone tells you where you need to be and, often, when you need to be there. It is a constant thread pulling you, always, toward other things and other places beyond the small and independent cosmos that is yourself.

A watch from The Hose, on the other hand, is a passive object. A beautiful, elegant piece of precision engineering pulsing with a quartz heart and marking time right beside you. You can glance at the big face to check where you are with regards to your personal schedule and it will reveal only the time. It doesn’t connect you to the world and so it lives removed from the loud, demanding voice of what you should be doing. It simply talks to you and only you from the deeply intimate space just above your hand.

You can pair a watch with a dress. It can make a formal outfit or deliberately sit outside the formality of everything else you’re wearing. It has the arresting power of reminding you of your own sense of self.

Our classic designs are specifically selected to offer a timeless, stylish wear, always classy and always cool. We don’t subscribe to trends and we don’t follow the rules of what looks good today. Good quality has always developed its own quiet voice and we prefer to let the appeal of a strong black band, a soft rose gold face, or a delicate resin finish do our talking for us. Appealing to everyone and comfortably complementing every time, our collection is tailored to unisex, ladies and men’s preferences. Our collection also includes a chronograph range offering croc leather straps, clean, striking markers and the additional functionality of a stop-watch.

Your watch from The Horse is designed for casual, formal and everyday wear, not generally for strenuous activities. Our timepieces are crafted to show who you are, not what you’re doing, so they are not 100% waterproof but the watch dial is water resistant. Wet leather should be dabbed dry, never rubbed. Just like fine skin, your blue, white and brown bands will, if taken care of, gently exhibit their age alongside you.

Should I buy quartz or automatic watch?

Quartz watch movements were developed in the 1920’s and spread around the world in the late 1960’s, replacing inaccurate automatic watches with nice, clear and precise timekeeping mechanisms.

A quartz crystal powers an electronic oscillator within your watch and keeps excellent, reliable time which is why they are now the world’s most relied upon timekeeping mechanism. Automatic watches rely solely on the mechanical movements within them and this makes them subject to changes in the temperature, weather and other factors. Although a classic timekeeping mechanism, a quartz crystal and battery make for a far more precise time teller than an automatic watch. Anyone looking for a statement time keeping piece that also remains a functional marker of time should choose a quartz crystal movement over an automatic watch.

The Horse was established in 2009 and conceived from both a love of leather design and how powerful minimalist quality can convey sophisticated, intelligent styling. At The Horse, we design our range of bespoke time tellers from a small, boutique studio in Sydney, Australia. Our designs are a marriage of function and form, celebrating the beauty of simplicity and functional precision. There are few embellishments in our designs because our materials speak so eloquently without them.

Our entire collection is available for sale directly through our online store as well as available through a range of stockists both at home and overseas. We create watches for everyone and believe the subtle styling, the delicate indices on our dials, and the selection of bands The Horse designs apply and appeal to anybody who understands what their watch can say, as well as do.