Two Tone Watches

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Our collection of vintage inspired, old-world styled watches include a range of two tone watches available with a combination of rose gold and silver, silver and gold, a range of watch dial hues and a selection of natural leathers in both warm earthy tones and bold, dramatic dyes. 


When we established The Horse in 2009, we were seeking a watch design that not only appealed equally to men’s and women’s tastes but transcended gendered watches altogether. We wanted to create a signature series of designs which celebrated classic styling and timeless design and our two tone watch collection speaks for itself. 


All of our dual tone watches are practical and wearable, sitting comfortably in both your casual wardrobe and alongside your dress clothes for special occasions. Our watches are designed to transcend modern trends and to instead capture the timeless quality that only minimalist design can ever achieve. We focus our designs on the quality of the materials that we use and the finish on each individual piece.


All of our two tone watches are water resistant but because we use natural leathers in the watch band, they should not be submerged in water. If the watch strap is wet then it is important to dab it dry with an uncoloured cloth. Regularly conditioning your leather strap will ensure its long life and wearability. All of our watches have a battery powered quartz movement to ensure accurate time keeping.


Our entire two tone watch collection, as well as our range of leather goods, are both available for purchase online directly from The Horse, but can also be viewed at any of our local stockists. This list is always updating so ensure you keeping checking back for a stockist near you.