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Leather Wallets 

Our collection of leather wallets has been designed like everything that we design – to combine practicality with vintage inspired and timeless styling. When you choose a leather wallet from The Horse, you’re choosing a carefully created piece that will last you for years of regular use. Every one of our pieces is designed for the long-term, that’s why we enjoy vintage inspired styling. We want to capture that essence that only old-world charm really has; we want to create pieces which age and patina over time and use, and help to build their own unique and inimitable character.

All of our wallets are constructed from genuine leather so we often find that the quality of the materials which we use need very little in the way of detailing. To celebrate the quality of the finish and of the premium Italian leather that we source, we choose a range of designs and tones which showcase the brilliance of this versatility and natural story-telling material.

Our leather wallet collection includes a range of affordable styles that are perfect for both men’s and women’s needs. Among our men’s wallet range includes the classic bifold wallet slim enough to fit effortlessly inside a back pocket or inside a large bag and made from lustrous calfskin leather. Our philosophy is driven by offering everyone the opportunity to purchase the leather product or watch of their own personal choice, so our designs are never made exclusively for men or for women. The NY wallet is therefore available in tan brown, cool and classic black, as well as soft blush. Matched with the duffle bag in military grade coated canvas, this perfect pair will make for a lovely gift, especially when you choose to have a piece monogrammed with the initials of the intended recipient. Monogramming can give your gift a truly personal and elevated feel. When your initials are embossed on something of yours, it is really yours in a very special way. We only ever put our names on the most important belongings that we own.

Continuing with our leather wallet collection, you will also find a range of trifold inspired credit card wallets and card holders that help to offer slim storage for essentials that you need quick and easy access to like card sleeves for travel cards when you hop on and off public transport. Available also in blush vegetable leather as well as black and tan, these pieces can make the perfect small gift for someone who seems to have everything.

Our leather purse range for ladies includes a purse large enough for everything from our Carry-All purse range. Large enough to comfortably house 18 cards, a pen, coinage and notes, the Carry-All range features gold zipped security and is available in black and tan tones. The Block Wallet carries through our theme of capacious potential but is slightly smaller and slimmer. Available in grey, vibrant red, clay and taupe, there is more variety and versality in tones in the Block Wallet range which can also double as a clutch. For anyone who enjoys the security of a zip but prefers the size and structure of a bifold or trifold designer, the Mini Block comfortably accommodate space for cards, cash and coins without being quite as long.

For slightly larger purse types, choose from our clutch and leather pouch range which offers you slotted compartments for cards and ID and a little more room for essentials. Carried under the arm, the leather pouch can enhance an outfit or can fit comfortably inside a larger handbag.

Looking for the perfect travel gift? Traditionally, a travel document holder is the ideal gift for anyone approaching an overseas trip. Our range includes the classic slimline design capable of carrying passports and boarding passes, keeping everything safe and secure. You can easily insert an RFID protector inside one of the ample slots, keeping belongings extra secure as swiping tech thieves.

Designed at our local studios in Sydney, Australia, our entire range of leather products are only genuine pieces wrought from luxuriously soft leather, and they can all be personalised and embossed with your chosen initials at the time of purchase. Simply input up to three initials before you move your chosen product to the checkout.

As genuine pieces, they do require love and attention and if they are loved and cared for then they will reward you with years of reliable and uninterrupted use. For example, if the leather in your leather wallet or backpack has begun to feel dry then it may be time to apply a purpose-made leather conditioner. Leather conditioners contain the special balance of important oils which natural leather needs to remain supple and to patina gently and attractively. Prolonged exposure to water can strip these oils away so if your leather wallet has become wet then it is important to sponge off the excess water with an uncoloured cloth before allowing the leather to dry naturally. When the leather is almost dry, then it is time to apply your leather conditioner and to gently massage it into the wallet. Give the leather time to reabsorb these important oils and once completely dry, you can then return your piece to active and loving service.

All of our products are available to order directly from The Horse online or you can choose from a local stockist in your area.