Leather Crossbody Bags




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Leather Crossbody Bags 

Leather crossbody bags have become the staple and everyday choice for people who need enough space for the essentials but don’t want to be loaded down with larger handbags. They make for the perfect carry-all for everyday adventures because they can double as a purse with dedicated slots for your cards, your phone and an internal space large enough for everything else you need day to day. Our leather crossbody bag collection is available in two practical designs: the single zip body bag and the dual zip leather crossbody bag.

What is a crossbody bag?

A crossbody bag is defined, essentially, by its shoulder strap. Unlike traditional tote bags or messenger bags, the leather crossbody bag must have a strap large enough to comfortably cross the body. This allows for a practical design that stays securely on the shoulder and distributes the weight of the leather bag across the torso. It can save sore shoulders from bearing the bulk of the weight and it also remains secure with the bag usually resting on the hip to allow for quick and convenient access which remains safe from wandering hands which may attempt to gain access to its contents.

Our range of leather crossbody bags have been designed first for practicality. All of our handbags, work bag collection and backpack range are primarily designed for practical use. Using this as our springboard inspiration, we can then design a stylish silhouette which celebrates understated and classic vintage inspired lines. The result is a collection of pieces for men’s and women’s everyday needs which showcase the quality of our Italian leather materials in minimalist designs, removing unnecessary and distracting detailing.

Designed at our studios in Sydney, Australia, our leather crossbody bags are available in both classic single pocket designs and dual zip designs. The double-zip leather crossbody bag collection retains the simplicity of the traditional mini design but offers just that little more flexibility and versatility. Containing a dedicated pocket for your cards and identification, this piece will accommodate everything you need for general day use as well as special occasions. Our old-world inspired designs mean that they can effortlessly slip from day to night use, resting easily against casual denim or dramatic evening wear. Offering accented gold-tone hardware, adjustable straps and gentle adornment, the double-zip leather crossbody bag is available in premium genuine leather and includes natural brown, tan camel suede, black, red and blush tones. We also have a range of exclusive patterned panels in python skin and soft, feminine daisy embossing.

Our single zip leather crossbody bag offers the same classic styling and soft silhouette within a small design that comfortably accommodates what you need without loading you down. If you’re a light traveller and don’t often need much on your daily or nightly adventures, then the single pocket leather crossbody bag may be your ideal companion ready to take everywhere.
Our entire leather collection is available to monogram when you purchase from The Horse. Monogramming is a personal touch that can really lift a leather piece and make it feel truly your own. We choose to use genuine leather products because we not only love the material and its versatility but also because it offers special properties that other unnatural materials do not. Leather will patina gently over time and carry with it your own personal journey in its unique textures and colouring. And, of course, it can be monogrammed with your own name or initials. When something bears your name, it becomes yours in a much more personal and intimate way. Perfect for adding that special touch to a gift, have your leather cross body bag monogrammed when you purchase online from The Horse.

Caring for your leather crossbody bag

Caring for your leather products is something you should not ignore. Leather lasts because its durable and hardy but it will remain soft and supple with regular care and attention. Choose a leather conditioner for your bag or wallet from The Horse and ensure that you condition the texture as regularly as required to maintain the natural oils in the material which give it its lustre, shine and supple flexibility. Leather goods should never be submerged in water so if you’re caught out in bad weather then it’s important to ensure that your leather crossbody bags are allowed to dry naturally. They should not be dried with a hair dryer or placed in a clothes dryer.

It’s a good idea to stuff them with paper while they dry out as this will help them to retain their shape. Try not to use newspaper or any other heavily inked materials as they may run inside the bag and stain the lining.

You can purchase our entire leather range directly from The Horse through our online store or choose from our list of local stockists near you. If you have found the perfect day bag, why not pair it with a leather wallet or purse while you’re shopping? We have a range of wallets including hold-all designs and small, zip around wallets designed to hold the bare essentials. Our leather crossbody bags, as well as the rest of our range, can be ordered with your monogrammed message when you purchase through our online store.