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Black Watch Collection


When we established The Horse in Australia in 2009, we were looking for a way to showcase the raw beauty and gentle simplicity that only natural materials like leather are able to offer. Our signature black watch collection is the combination of melding style with function, form with material, and of generating a design which transcends seasonal fashions. Instead, we sought to create our matte black watches which would complement every wrist, every when.


The entire range of watches from The Horse have been specifically designed to generate a timelessness and a character that develops with the wearer. The wearer makes their own personal marks upon the watch strap and it moulds to fit them over time and wear, carrying with it the little moments of an individual’s life that only a medium like leather can really capture, absorb and showcase better with age than new. Our range of water resistant watches have been therefore designed to become a part of the wearer and the wearer’s own, personal story. When we chose leather to work with, we chose it because we were familiar with how to work the material and knew how it could be moulded and shaped to its wearer with time and with constant contact. This type of irresistible medium allows the creator and designer to make their mark upon each, individual watch and for that mark to carry on with the wearer, creating and recreating year after year of wear. We wanted to create a wearable that told a story as much as it became a part of individual’s personal story. 


Our watches are designed to be unisex. A black watch makes for the perfect gift for men or for women, or for anyone who identifies with a category in between the two. Watches are usually given as gifts for formal occasions and events and so carry with them an intimate memory of the moment of the gift as well as the relationship formed from the giving of it. They are a poetic way to mark a particularly eventful moment in any individual’s lifetime such as reaching adulthood, graduating from an institution, or moving forward in their life in some other, powerful way. Our entire range, including our black watch range, can be personalised with monogramming the initials of the intended wearer upon the leather band. Monogramming is a powerful but simple addition to any personal item a great way to lift a gift to a whole new level.


Our range of matte black watches are available with a stunning black dial or white, delicate and precision engineered luminous hands and indices, and they are also available with additional watch features like our chronograph watch range. A chronograph watch offers the wearer the ability to use their wrist watch it as a stop-watch. Rather than the brutality of a core all black military shock resistant watch, our range of matte black wrist watches are timeless examples of minimalist quality with a soft, comforting analogue face. 


Sport watches traditionally offer the wearer versatility and while our watches are water resistant, they are not waterproof and so should not be exposed to prolonged water submersion. Because our black watch range comes with either a cow leather or vegetable leather strap as the watch band, they should be carefully dabbed dry of any water with a colourless cloth and regularly conditioned with a black leather protector. This will ensure the long life of your watch strap and allow it to carry the marks and the moments of your life while you’re wearing it.


Does a black watch go with everything? 


The Horse range of matte black watches are designed to do precisely that: to go with everything and everyone. We design a black watch to enable the wearer to illustrate who they are and where they are in their life. They effortlessly complement formal and casual attire equally. They are available in an oversized watch dial to offer a bolder statement or to sit more comfortably on a large wrist. They are the stylish addition to any outfit and the constant companion to all. 


Black watch dials paired with tan leather straps sit on either men’s or women’s wrists. They will highlight the crispness of a blouse, the line of a dress shirt, the flow and life of a bohemian maxi dress, and the cut of an easy linen beach lounger. 


All of our watches are made with a quartz movement to ensure precision time keeping. A quartz movement relies on the power of a battery to maintain time and is therefore much more reliable than an automatic watch alternative.


Our entire range of stylish matte black watches from The Horse are conceived at our local studios in Sydney. It is there that we constantly seek the most elegant ways of designing time tellers which say more than just the time of day but always remain in a class category all to themselves: that of enduring, classic quality.


You can purchase our entire range directly through our online store or search out one of our local stockists in your area to inspect our range personally. We are always expanding and this line of stores is constantly updated, including our overseas stockists.