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Pink Watches


Pink watches, or rose gold watches, are traditionally designed for ladies searching for a softer metallic material in a watch dial. We don’t just create designs for women’s tastes. Our designs are for everyone and have been inspired by the old-world styling of timeless, classic quality celebrating the crispness of the detailing without unnecessarily cluttering the design.

Before we began creating our watches in 2009, we were looking, personally, for a unisex design that embraced the ‘boyfriend’ style watch face but paired it with a quality watch strap in leather. We couldn’t find what we were looking for, so we decided to create the watch we wanted to wear and our collection is the result. We are always looking for a way to enhance the subtlety of rose gold and celebrate the versatility of our pink watches. Each design is created first for practicality and then for flexibility. Your watch from The Horse will lend itself perfectly to anything you’re wearing. Whether you’re in casual clothes or an evening dress, your watch is at home on your wrist.

All of our watches are water resistant but not waterproof and include a quartz movement for the most accurate time keeping capability. If your leather watch band is wet then it is important to dab it dry with an uncoloured cloth, never to rub it. Regularly conditioning your watch strap will also ensure its long life and flexibility. As a natural product, our cow and vegetable leather straps are designs to darken with age and patina over time.

Designed in Australia at our studios in Sydney, you buy our range of pink watches direct online through our store or choose from a local stockist near you.