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Rose Gold Watches


Our collection of rose gold watches has been designed to celebrate the simple, minimalist detailing of quality materials. We wanted to get rid of the unnecessary and in doing so have developed a clear style that focuses on crisp detailing only where it’s needed. This is why our designs lend themselves so well to a material like rose gold. We allow the quality of the materials we use to speak for themselves.

The soft, subtle hue of a rose gold tone is delicate and understated, suiting all flesh tones and pairs effortlessly with warm, earthy leather tones. The material was made particularly popular at the start of the 19th century in Russia and for years rose gold was also known as Russian gold, synonymous with the lavish artistry of the country’s spectacular skill in jewellery making and design. The brilliance of the colour is created using copper alloys in a gold mix and the resultant soft blush is warm and wearable with anything. Our range of rose gold watches encompasses two tone designs with a silver watch dial, full polished rose gold face, and a choice of colours for your leather watch strap.

Our collection is created to offer unisex designs which suit both men’s and women’s wrists. Our Mini Chronograph collection features a small face suitable for petite wrists and a choice of leather strap lengths.

We choose to use leather for our watch bands not just because we know and understand how to work leather, but because leather ages so beautifully with regular use and care. Our materials are sourced from both cow and vegetable leather which will darken and patina over time. It becomes then not just your watch strap, but an intimate part of your own personal story, wearing your years and experiences with you. Our hope is that your watch from The Horse will therefore do more than just reliably and practically tell your time. It will become part of who you are, how you see yourself and how you want to present yourself to the world.

Given the materials we create with, all of our rose gold watches are water resistant but not waterproof. They are not designed for vigorous activity and should your leather become wet, it is important that it is dabbed dry and never rubbed. Using a leather conditioner will ensure that your watch band has a long and useful life, remain flexible and patinas gently.

All of our watches are powered by a quartz movement which is the preferred watch movement around the world. Quartz movements are powered by a battery and keep more reliable time than automatic watch movements.

How to wear a rose gold watch?

The minimalist designs we work to create mean that your rose gold watch can be worn any way that you want to wear it. It will practically and reliably tell your time and can be worn for everyday use alongside a casual wardrobe, and it will also sit comfortably as part of your dress clothes for special events. It is designed as a piece in and of itself, to be as bold or as understated as you want it to be.

Our designs are carefully created to be worn by either men or women and everyone who identifies in between. We seek to create an enduring design with every one of our pieces that conjures the look and feel of vintage quality and sits outside modern trends. Our rose gold watches are timeless time tellers, inspired by old-world quality, Russian artistry, and the simplicity of practical, wearable objects that have a clear purpose. By removing unnecessary detailing, we seek the highlight the crisp beauty that detailed finished and clean lines offer.

Gifting a watch is traditionally for a special time in a person’s life that marks an occasion where their time is now their own. A watch is an intimate personal item that is designed to be worn all the time so it’s important that it not only reliably keeps time but that it has a special connection to the wearer. If you are interested in gifting a rose gold watch to that special person who you feel has reached a moment or a point in their life that would be especially marked by the gift of a watch from The Horse collection, why not go that step further and have the leather band monogrammed with the wearer’s initials?

Monogramming creates a real sense of ownership and connection. When something bears your initials, it is celebrating its connection to you. Our collection also includes an entire leather range which can be monogrammed. Continuing our love of all things leather, our collection is made up of classic and wearable designs which combine old-world styling with slim, modern lines which showcase the quality of the materials we work with.

Our entire collection is available to purchase online directly through our store. Our designs are all created at home in our Sydney studios, Australia, but our stockists are growing rapidly, including overseas. If you prefer to inspect our designs before you purchase, you can choose a local stockist but ensure you check back regularly for sales across both our watch collection and our other leather goods.