Monogram Leather


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Monogram Leather 

To monogram leather is to have a name, phrase or initials directly embossed on the leather texture. There’s nothing more powerful than a name so when you monogram leather, you build a deep and intimate connection with that piece that stays with you for a lifetime. Our genuine leather collection is designed with long years of regular use in mind so it’s as important to us that you not only enjoy your wallet, your watch band, clutch, purse, card holder and leather bag from The Horse, but that you feel like it becomes a part of your own personal story. We want you to love your accessories from The Horse and you always put your name on the things that you love.

If you are currently shopping for a special someone then why not have your gifts personalised with monogramming? Choose from our range of men’s and women’s handbags, pouch and clutch collection, duffle bag designs, laptop sleeves, among many more. Nothing like gold, copper, silver or blind embossed initials standing out in a sea of black leather says sophisticated and timeless style.

How to monogram leather?

Choose to personalise your leather purchase from The Horse when you add it to your online shopping bag. There will be an option to ‘Personalise Me’ on the chosen product and you will be prompted to enter a maximum of three initials with your choice of embossing.