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Leather Clutches


Leather clutches are the carry-all alternative to large handbags and we have created a collection of custom pieces which celebrate the natural beauty of genuine leather which minimal styling, detail and excess. Our range of clutch purse designs include the Mini Zip clutch that is available in classic black that will go with everything, vibrant red that can stand on its own, natural tan, camel suede, blazing cobalt and gentle blush pink. The leather pouch range is tastefully embossed with The Horse and can be monogrammed with the initials of the intended wearer. Monogramming makes for the perfect addition to any gift, offering a personal touch and intimacy that nothing else but your very own name can offer.


Our wristlet range offers the wearer the versatility of a leather bag for both cool and casual outings, formal and evening events, and can be used for both men’s and women’s needs. A clutch can easily double as a slim wash bag and could be the perfect little addition to man’s overnight bag. Our unisex range also includes card holders and duffle bags, while our women’s crossbody bags offer the same slim dimensions with the added flexibility of a shoulder strap.


How to clean leather clutch?


Your leather clutch, should it need cleaning, can be wiped with warm water and mild soap with an uncoloured cloth. It is always good to have a leather conditioner on hand to used regularly on leather surfaces which often get wet. This will ensure that the leather texture remains soft and supple, retaining its natural oils that water can sometimes strip away.


Order online through The Horse online store and choose to have your leather clutch monogrammed at the time of purchase for a little extra something that your other bags don’t have.