The Horse Sustainability Journey

Ocean Plastics in Olive Green












This year, we're focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves, and as a company, actively began searching for more sustainable solutions to reduce our environmental footprint. In the spirit of transparency, here are some of the changes we’ve made so far…



We are passionate about transitioning to exclusively using ethically-sourced and sustainable leathers for their premium quality, longevity and circularity. Our bags are designed to outlast the seasons and stand the test of time when properly cared for, ultimately producing less waste to landfill, and having less long term impact on the environment.

While it will take time to transition to environmentally certified leather across our existing range, we are committed to using these leathers moving forward and are so pleased that 90% of our Oasis collection is constructed from leather that is Leather Working Group (LWG) certified. 

The leathers are premium hides tanned under gold-rated environmental protocols, then dyed through so they age gracefully. They are sourced largely from Italy and Korea.

The Leather Working Group (LWG) is a multi-stakeholder group dedicated to pushing for environmental best practice throughout the leather supply chain. Founding members included brands such as Adidas, Clarks, Nike, Ikea, New Balance and Timberland, as well as key leather manufacturing companies from across the globe.

Next on the list is moving to organic certified cotton for our interior linings and stitching.


We believe in cleaner oceans, a sustainable lifestyle and in waste as a resource. For these reasons, after twelve months in the making, we have partnered with Swiss eco partner #tide to craft a watch capsule collection using 100% recycled ocean plastic. As founder Scott Hawkes explains, "Repurposing ocean plastic has set a new bar for responsible design and has really challenged conventions in material sourcing. Simply put - we're making more responsible choices, so it's easier for you to make them too."

This product has purpose, but doesn't veer away from the brands design mantra to amplify the essential and strip away excess. We've also stripped back the watch box, and ensured it's also fully recyclable, swapping out the EVA fill for a cardboard insert.



We want you to know The Horse is committed to choosing lower impact materials where possible. Our first goal is to transition our packaging to be 100% recyclable.

Our postage satchels have been made from 80% post-consumer waste. Some things we’ve learnt so far – recycled plastic generates 50% less water pollutant than paper, uses 4 times less energy to manufacture, and 20 times less water to produce. Whilst stopping tonnes of new plastic entering our environment. It is also 100% recyclable using the infrastructure in place with Woolworths and Coles, supported by Red Cycle, our recycling partner. We encourage you to collect your soft plastics and take them to one of the 2,000 stores in Australia and New Zealand to give our already recycled products another new purpose. So, when you purchase The Horse from our online store from July, expect to receive your order in our new sustainable satchels.

All of our marketing material is printed on carbon neutral ECOstar paper stock that is 100% recycled post consumer. Other changes include moving to paperless invoicing, bringing back the humble hand stamp instead of producing stickers, sourcing paper tape and continuing to move away from plastic.

We're not perfect, but are striving for progress, and we’ll continue to keep you updated on our packaging progress and the changes we make.

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