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Give your well travelled timepiece a refresh, with our 20mm replacement straps, designed specifically for The Original, The Resin Range and The Heritage collection.


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Watch Straps


What’s in a watch strap? Everything. When we established our collection of time tellers from The Horse, we already knew and understood how leather could be worked, how it aged and how it could be combined with minimalist styling to balance precision and technicality with warmth and earthy tones. That’s why the inspiration for creating a collection of time tellers came so easily. We already knew what we liked, so we went out and decided to create it.

When you choose a watch, you aren’t just choosing the watch dial, although this plays a fairly important part of the choosing process. We want a watch for, mostly, practical reasons. It needs to be able to keep precise time and it needs to be water resistant and capable of everyday and regular use. We have to like the styling, but what about the watch strap?

How to choose watch strap colour?

Our collection is inspired by vintage styling which always remains timeless, sophisticated and on trend. The reason for this is because our creations celebrate minimalist design. We wanted to create precise time tellers with a watch strap that was as uncluttered as the clean, clear and high quality watch faces we were designing. When choosing a watch band, we wanted to offer our clients a range of choices which incorporated the tone of each watch strap into the very design of the entire piece. It wasn’t just about offering our clients a comfortable strap band, it was about offering versality and practicality enmeshed with the beautiful ability only leather has for creating and carrying its own personal story.

The leather that we choose for our men’s and women’s watches are chosen for two reasons: the first is to offer an exquisite range of tones including warm and timeless brown, original and enduring black, natural olives and tans, as well as striking whites and greys. We should mention, though, that our watches aren’t really designed to be for men or for women exclusively. Our watch straps and faces are designed specifically to be versatile enough that you can request a large band for broader wrists, or for people who enjoy wearing their watch slightly further up the forearm than the traditional wrist pulse point. We create unisex, ungendered designs for everyone and anyone who enjoys affordable and unique personal modern styling inspired by the sophistication of timeless minimalism and impeccable focus on the finish of the details, not on unnecessary and distracting detailing. We choose only from premium Italian calf leather or natural vegetable leathers which offer the best value materials for long wear and regular use.

The second reason we choose leather is because of its stunning ability to age so well. It ages with wear and tells your story in its unique lines and textures. It will meld and mould with your shape, taking it on as its own and building a truly intimate link between watch and wearer for many years.

Choosing your watch strap to match your wardrobe or for casual or dress clothes specifically isn’t necessary when you choose a time teller from The Horse. Our watch straps can be easily interchanged so if you want to refresh your time piece with a new colour watch strap, or you require a replacement strap for your watch, you can easily order them online directly through our website. You will find a range of tones and buckles available and we are always expanding our collection, our inspiration and our line.

Leather care is necessary for all leather goods and your watch strap is no exception. Our time tellers are built with precision engineering and include a quartz movement for accurate time keeping. However, they are not built for vigorous activities and so are only water resistant. Some of the reason for this is that leather does not age well or reliably when it is constantly submerged in water. If the leather of your watch strap does become wet, then it is important to dab is gently dry with an uncoloured cloth and the allow the strap to dry fully. Regular use of a leather conditioner is great way of keeping your watch band in shape, flexible and long-wearing.

Are you planning to gift a watch from The Horse? Or have you ever considered having your watch strap monogrammed?

Monogramming offers a personal touch to your leather goods that nothing else is quite capable of matching. There, on the very leather, are your own initials or the initials of the special someone to whom you are giving your gift. The Horse collection includes not only time pieces but also a range of everyday leather goods designed with the same inspiration that drives out watch making: clean and simple design, exquisite finish and timeless vintage styling.

You can have your watch strap or any other product from The Horse monogrammed when you order online or through any of our local stockists. Our list of stockists is constantly updated so keep an eye out for a location in Australia near you. We are also building a list of overseas stockists to bring The Horse across the waters and share our love of leather and unique, affordable time tellers with the rest of the world.