Rose Gold and Silver Watches

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Our collection of rose gold and silver watches combine the soft glow of two metallic tones to create a classic and classy design reminiscent of old-world charm and showcasing the simple, beautiful quality of the materials that we use. 


Our rose gold and silver watches are available with traditional watch dial designs and also form part of our chronograph collection. By clearing out unnecessary and impractical detailing, we have chosen instead to focus on the quality of the precious metals that we use and pair them with simple leather watch bands designed to age and patina with regular wear and use. 


The crispness of the indices on the face and the softness of the watch strap available in a range of colours, combine to offer the wearer a stylish and practical two tone time teller that sits comfortably on the wrist at both casual and dress occasions, and appeals to both men’s and women’s personal aesthetics. Enjoy couple watches from our rose gold and silver watches collection or seek out your unique style from among our range, including a collection of leather goods.


Our first love was leather which is why our watches include a leather strap in a variety of colours, sourced from both cow and vegetable leather produces. As leather is a natural product, it will age gently and carry with it the moments of your experience in its gentle wear. Our pieces are therefore water resistant but not waterproof and wet bands should be dabbed dry, never rubbed, and conditioned regularly to ensure long life. All of our watches include a battery powered quartz movement for reliable time keeping.