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Men's Rose Gold Watches


Rose gold is a timeless material and a warm, inviting tone. Our men’s rose gold watches are created for watch wearers who enjoy the flexibility of a practical timepiece wearable with anything and at any time. When we established The Horse in 2009 out of our studios in Australia, we were looking to create a practical piece that paired classy, old-world styling with the clean, crisp finish of modern, minimalist design. We wanted to create a piece that we would wear.

We knew and understood leather when we started, and it was imperative that our entire collection would ultimately include a leather watch strap. Leather is a pliable material. It’s a natural, earthy material that wears time beautifully, working to create its unique patina over years of regular wear and use. When paired with the subtle and soft blush of rose gold, the leather strap accentuates the artistry of the watch dial by subtlety enhancing its delicate and intricate finish. Our collection of men’s rose gold watches include big face chronograph styles designed to sit comfortably on any size wrist with your choice of colours and lengths in the watch band.

Do men wear rose gold watches?

Our watches for men have been designed to transcend what men or women are supposed to wear and instead to embrace our freedom to wear absolutely anything that we want. It’s not a question of whether men wear rose gold watches, it’s a question of what kind of design enthrals you, what kind of materials do you enjoy? Our collection comes in a range of sizes to suit any size wrist or type of wearer. The designs are made specifically with minimalism in mind, offering the wearer to claim a men’s rose gold watch for his own, in any way that he wants to. It sits comfortably with a dress shirt for wearing to the office and it is as equally at home amongst your casual wardrobe.

Your watch is your own. It not only tells you time, it reminds you that your time is your own and what you wear is about who you are and how you want the world to know that.

Our range of men’s rose gold watches are not build for vigorous activity and so are water resistant but not waterproof. If the leather is wet, then it should be dabbed dry with an uncoloured cloth. Regularly conditioning your leather band will ensure that it ages nicely and comfortably, remains flexible and will give you years of use. All of our watches are powered by a quartz movement to ensure accurate time telling.

You can purchase your watch from The Horse directly online or visit one of our stockists. Ensure you keep checking where your local stockists are as we’re always adding to the list.