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Leather Watch Straps


Leather watch straps were the very thing that inspired The Horse collection of time tellers in the first place. Leather, particularly handmade pieces, have always been our first love and one of the wonderful things about working with a material as versatile and unique as leather, is its ability to tell its own story over time and wear. Our time tellers are designed for their clean, minimalist lines, precisely engineered to showcase the quality of the materials that we choose to work with. Our designs are uncluttered, and the focus of each creation is on the detail of the finish in the indices and casing.

This balance between practical and precise technology in the watch movement, and the warmth and sophistication of the time teller as a whole, can only be achieved through our choice of leather watch straps. The leather strap remains warm and supple against the modern, industrial lines of the watch dial and while the time teller remains reliable and accurate forever, your leather watch strap ages with you, carrying moments of wear forever in its unique and intricate personal textures.

Our watch straps have been sourced from both premium luxury calf leather producers in Italy, or from natural vegetable leathers. They are available in range of natural tones including browns and tans, classic black which lends itself effortlessly to both casual and dress occasions for both men’s and women’s wardrobes, luscious whites and greys, as well as bolder hues. They can be matched with light watch faces or dramatic dark faces. The choice is yours.

To refresh or enliven your watch from The Horse, you can also purchase replacement leather watch straps available in range of widths for every wrist, thin or large. Your watch band is easily swapped out with a simple pinch pin in the design so you could even purchase a range of colours to suit any occasion or mood you’re feeling each day.

How to clean a leather watch strap that smells?

Our watches are water resistant, but leather care requires you to dab the leather watch strap dry should it ever become wet. Always use an uncoloured cloth and never rub the leather or you could damage the texture. A regular condition with a leather polish will always help to keep your watch straps supple and flexible, prolonging the life of the band.

If your leather watch strap has specifically developed its own smell, it is possible to help remove the smell in a couple of ways. Specific leather cleaners are formulated to deliver the correct balance of chemicals to clean your watch strap without damaging it so it’s a good idea to start there. Leather polishes and oils can also come fragranced and regular conditioning with a scented polish will not only help to lift the existing smell, but to replace it with something more pleasant.

Of course, leather has its own unique scent that immediately identifies its quality. There are products available which also help you to recapture that enchanting aroma should regular wear and use reduce it over time.

If you are considering giving a gift from The Horse, then why consider getting your watch strap monogrammed? Monogramming involves stamping a person’s name or initials directly into the leather and can create a beautiful, personal touch to any gift. It’s also a time honoured tradition that has fallen away in recent years so choosing to revive it will help give your piece from The Horse an even greater vintage look and feel.