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Leather Purses 

Our collection of leather purses has been designed to offer maximum practicality and stylish, classic silhouettes. As with all of our leather pieces, including our signature watches, our leather purses are designed locally at our studios in Sydney, Australia. It is there that we dream up our range of handbags, every pouch and clutch, each leather wallet. Our pieces are inspired by old-world, vintage styling which celebrates simple, genuine leather materials by removing the excess detailing and allowing the precision finish which you find in handmade designs to really shine.

The women’s collections include a range of small crossbody leather handbags designed to offer practical capacity for card and coin without the large bulk of a satchel. Available in range of gentle natural tones, classic black and vibrant red, our bags can double as travel wallet women’s pieces and sling bags ready for anywhere. Natural tan and brown tones effortlessly complete a boho look or bolder crocodile like textures in python can add just the right amount of drama.

Truly personalise your leather piece with monogramming and have your initials embossed directly onto the surface, making yours and yours alone.

Can you dry clean a leather purse?

A genuine leather bag should not be dry cleaned because the leather contains natural oils which can be stripped away with throughout the dry-cleaning process. It is always best to dab away liquids and then condition the leather while it is still just a bit damp. For other spills, use minimal water if needed to soften the material for removal and an uncoloured cloth, then condition the leather to return its lustre and suppleness.